Tuesday, November 18, 2014

    Welcome back to "This Blog Is Not A Toy"! We'll resume the "Six Hits Of Acid" story straight away... I mentioned the vendors before… People selling stuff to make money for whatever reason... I can't believe I forgot about Grilled Cheese Guy! He must have been following us… Or going the same way that we were around the oval of the parking lot… Because, it seemed… For at least a couple of hours – wherever we were, whatever we were doing ... About 20 feet behind us, we heard "Grilled Cheese… Just a buck… What the fuck… " Paul and I were really tripping, with the blotter acid and the nitrous oxide we'd purchased... It got so that every time we heard Grilled Cheese Guy, we burst into peals of laughter!!!
    So... We edged closer to the bridge that would take us to SPAC. Paul left for a minute, I forget why... Knowing him it was either drug-related or girl-related... I happened upon a kid sitting Indian -style on the side of the path near the bridge, just quietly strumming his acoustic guitar. It sounded good to me, so I stopped and listened for a bit. We chatted as he strummed...His name was Jeremy, and he was from Oregon, and...
    Just then, another person appeared to Jeremy and I. This guy had a mini Bible in his hand.
"Do you know that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior?!?" said Jesus Dude.
"Well, maybe I don't want him to be my savior..." replied Jeremy coolly. This kind of discourse continued for a few more minutes, until finally Jesus Dude gave up and walked away, taking his mini-Bible with him. I thought that it was pretty cool the way Jeremy shut down Jesus Dude , without raising his voice or being a dick... So I gave him a free hit of acid. He thanked me and resued strumming. Paul returned from wherever he'd gone, and we went into the show.
    The show was great! We danced, we laughed, we had a GREAT time! (We were, after all, still tripping...) As we were leaving, I realized that I still had six hits of acid left. I said, " I wanted to sell this acid, and never did. What am I gonna do?"
    "Oh, just eat it..." replied Paul. Now looking back on it, the smart thing to have done would've been to hold onto the acid, and have it at a later time. But like I said before, I was NOT smart... (Hell, it would've been WAY smarter not to do ANY of that shit in the first place!!!) I was highly suggestible... And I was tripping pretty hard still...
   "Just eat it." So I did. I ate six hits of acid in one go. Somehow, I got us both home without crashing my car. I pulled into my parking place, sighed deeply, and headed for my room.
    I still lived with my parents then... I was thirty-five years old (I'm 48 now). I collected promotional posters from record stores, and had a few on my wall. One was from the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young album "American Dream". It was a static head shot of all four of them; in that order, CSN&Y, looking straight into the camera. As the acid really began to kick in, I laid down on my bed, and looked up at the drop ceiling over my head. After about a minute, I couldn't see the cross beams that held the foam ceiling tiles up. It began to move like a treadmill over my head... Or it seemed like it, because I was tripping heavily. I had a pic of an astronaut on a spacewalk on my wall, and I swear he waved at me!!! I was really tripping hard! But thatwSnt all... I looked up at my CSN&Y poster.
    Suddenly, David Crosby said to me, "Well, you shouldn't have done it. You shouldn't have taken six hits of acid at once... Do you know what could happen to your brain as a result of this?!?" I was just about to reply, when Stephen Stills looked at David Crosby and said, " I dunno, Dave... Everybody got home safe... Nobody got hurt, he's home and safe and not flipping out... Who are we to judge?" Crosby glared at Stills, and he agreed,  "Oh, oh yeah... Uh, I agree with Dave... You shouldn't have done it ."
    Graham Nash was a little more philosophical. "Well, I dunno; there's a real chance for self-discovery here, perhaps even growth if things go right... And Steve had a good point... Nobody got hurt!!!" The other two glared menacingly at Graham Nash, and he recanted his previous viewpoint, and almost embarrassingly quickly as well. It was as if David Crosby, and his views, held sway over the entire poster.
    Neil Young, however; wearing a white fedora-like hat with a black band, seemed to have a knowing smile on his face. It was at that point that Neil Young said this:
    "Fuck it! Enjoy yourself, man! When are you EVER gonna take six hits of acid at one time EVER again in your life, man?!? Fuck it! Love it, ride it out, live it, enjoy it; cause it's NEVER gonna EVER happen again!!! Have fun, stay safe, and enjoy yourself !!!"
    David Crosby, Stephen Stills, and Graham Nash looked truly gobsmacked.
    "What?!?" asked Neil Young to the rest of the group. I smiled and said, "Sage advice! Thanks, Neil!" He nodded and smiled, and I think I saw a hint of a smile on the face of Graham Nash as well. Then I turned on the television and watched cartoons for a couple hours as the American Dream poster argued


  1. ...with itself. The sound of said argument faded as I watched TV.

  2. Well, there it is, folks! The famous "Six Hits Of Acid" story!!! Hope U enjoyed the peek into my irresponsible past!!! I was pretty dumb, wasn't I?!? But I survived it... Thank U all for listening!!!